We Install New Garage Doors in San Jose, CA. With over hundreds of options to choose, you're sure to choose one for your budget.

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New Garage Door Installations. Ask for a FREE Quote

Do you have an old tilt up door? Tilt up doors were the original access point to the garage- they use extension springs as the “lift system”. As time and technology started to revolutionize, these became obsolete and unpopular due to it’s poor performance and unsafe features. When extension springs snap or break, there’ no barrier to keep it from absurdly flying somewhere unexpectedly. There are stories when these extension springs snap, it can severely dent a car or go through a window. How’s that sound for safety? As you know it, these became the industry garbage and then the roll up sectional door existed which uses the torsion spring system- tremendously safer and operates alot smoother.

Pro Line Garage Doors has been installing new garage doors for years which makes us the BEST quality garage door installers in the Bay Area. We pay attention to fine detail and always leave a clean, shiny garage door when the job is done. We hate to say it but we get homeowner’s saying they had unprofessional and unlicensed guys who installed their door and it was a nightmare from hell. The nuts and bolts were loose, slanted garage door, grease and dirty all over the panels, tracks installed incorrectly, damaged weather seals, over wounded springs, and even cracked windows. Let a licensed and bonded company professionally install your new door with the best workmanship.

Why Choose Us?

We have access to every garage door you can image. Having been in the industry for years, we’ve established dealer relationships from all over the world. We can get wood, steel, carriage, steel back, pan, and all sorts of doors. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call now. And if you’re concerned about quality, we only use the top brands such as Amarr and North West Door for your home. That’s right, we don’t use cheap, flimsy doors from China. You only get the best door for your beautiful home.

RELIABILITY. We promise to always keep our appointments and never re-schedule them. We have systems that allow us to organize our time efficiently and only making appointments if we can keep them. Did you know that we’ve heard stories of garage door guys not showing up to agreed appointments when the homeowner’s door is overly damaged that intruders can easily enter? Don’t let this happen you! Call a garage door company that is licensed, insured bonded, and has a name in the area.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our mission is to provide friendly, knowledgeable service at a level where homeowner’s are completely satisfied. We’ve adjusted and optimized our way of doing business so that it’s neutral and communication is at the top. We believe that communication is the KEY to attaining customer satisfactory.

BEST WARRANTY. Every new garage door that Pro Line installs is guaranteed to operate correctly for at least one year. If you suspect a problem, give us a call and we’ll come back, no questions asked.


Choose a New Garage Door!

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