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Our Garage Door Services serving San Jose, CA

Garage door’s don’t last forever- they break down at unexpected moments, putting a hold on your schedule. Does that mean you’ll need to replace your entire door and pay thousands for another one? Absolutely not. Think of the door like a car. You don’t buy a new car when it goes down. Instead, you get it repaired, replacing necessary parts to operate again. So the best thing to do is diagnose the problem, figure out what needs to be replaced and tune as needed. Sounds easy? The average homeowner can’t do this as there are over 300 moving parts in a door. You’ll see symptoms such as the door not opening or closing then you’ll need to inspect the door and make repairs- one wrong fix can be fatal. Do you still want to try it? Every year there’s reported injuries to homeowners trying to repair it themselves. We advise anyone that doesn’t have the experience and proper methods, to never do this job. The door weighs over 300 pounds so one mistake can cause drastic damages to you and your property.

We, Pro Line Garage Doors can repair and service your garage door fast, friendly, and affordable. With many years in the business, we’ve seen every possible problem of garage doors, including: broken torsion springs, cracked hinges, bent tracks, torn cables, cracked panels, rollers off the track, defected trolley, stripped gear sprockets, damaged weather seals, misaligned sensors, wrong travel adjustments, and many more that other garage door guys don’t see. The most common mistake we see are wrong torsion springs installed. The torsion springs is the most important piece in operating a smooth door with many years of life ahead. Installing the wrong springs depletes the life of the springs and opener. The springs need the correct wire size, inside diameter and length. If these 3 characteristic are wrong expect the life of your spring to be cut nearly in half. So when the springs are incorrect, the opener will soon die as well. It’s working harder than it needs to. This is a method that crooked garage tech’s do to come back sooner for the next service. You can rest assured our technicians are trained to replace the RIGHT spring for your door.


Slanted Garage Doors

It’s not unusual arriving to a home where the garage door is crooked and looks like in absolute danger. That’s because it is. We advise anyone with this same problem to call a garage door expert immediately. There are many reasons why this could have happened such as: torn cable, broken torsion spring, or the lock latch was extended. No matter what the problem is, call a certified professional to get this re-balanced and repaired.


Door Not Opening

The door not opening after hitting the wall button is likely to be the torsion springs. The one or two springs are broken so the door’s weight isn’t counter balanced. It’s simply too heavy for the opener to pull up. Replacing torsion or extension springs is a daunting task; springs are under extreme high tension- always call a professional for this.


Door Not Closing

So you press your garage button and the door doesn’t normally go down, all you hear is the opener blinking and the light turning on and off. Or your garage door goes down half way and then it reverses back up. All these symptoms are the cause of sensors misaligned or the photo eyes are bad. You can test this buy holding down on your wall button and when the door reaches half way, let go. If the door jumps back up then you have a sensor problem. This is an easy fix; locate your safety sensors, un-screw the wing nut so that you can freely move it, and adjust it so that it is pointing directly at the other one. A green or amber light should go on when you have successfully done this.


Noisy Garage Door

Have you ever wondered why your garage door is making all that annoying noise and screeching on its way up or down? There’s really no way of telling what’s the problem without seeing and hearing the door but a few things are: old openers, rollers not rolling, worn out hinges, old end bearings, or it just needs some lube.


Loose Cables

Do you see metal cables laying on the floor? If so, call a qualified garage door tech immediately. Do not try to wind the cables back onto the drum as this is the wrong process. This normally occurs when the torsion springs are snapped followed by released tension in the cable drum. Kid’s should be kept away from the loose cables, injury may occur.


Cracked Panel or Section

Every now and then we’ll get calls for  cracked panels. We hear stories of how it occurred and many of it was due to a big object plunging into the door, like a car. Sound familiar? The homeowner freaks out and wants a brand new door. Here at Pro Line, we always make recommendations before spending thousands on your hard earned money. So in this situation a single panel can re be replaced! We’ve replaced damaged or cracked panels before so you’re sure to receive the best quality service.


Bent Tracks

Tracks come in two shapes- straight and curved. They are used to properly guide the door up and down. When getting quotes for new garage doors, always check the head room so that you can get the proper radius. Here at Pro Line Garage Doors, we’ve installed one thousands of new doors from Carriage style to the traditional steel. We KNOW how to install a door.


We also repair hinges, drums, springs, rollers, tracks, openers, logic boards, gear sprocket, trolley, weather seal, brackets, cables, and more. High quality parts is one quality that makes up Pro Line. All the parts we use for our client is made in America and the springs are oil tempered, the best anyone can buy. Our service calls are FREE with any repair and we offer SAME DAY service for all residents in San Jose. Want even more discounts? Check out our limited time coupons on the next page! All of Pro Line’s parts are guaranteed for one year. YES, so if you have a problem with your door after service, give us a call, no questions asked.


We Fix and Analyze All Repairs!

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